Reiki Master Teacher Three

During this intensive three-day workshop, you will be attuned to the Reiki Master Teacher 3 level and be able to teach and attune students to Reiki levels Four through Seven. We will review the material contained within the 4th to 7th Ascended levels of Reiki, with the purpose of discussing different teaching styles, presentation and customized development of your own material, based on the current information found within these levels. 

Reiki is a beautiful system of energy healing on all levels. Each of us, as teachers, bring something new in interpretation, experience and practice that adds your own unique spin in the cycle of learning. When this level is successfully completed, you will have created a series of personalized workshops in the ascended levels of Reiki.

Prerequisites: Reiki Master Seventh Degree and Reiki Master Teacher Two

Cost per person: $897.00 + HST

Visa and MasterCard accepted. To send an e-transfer for payment, please contact our office at 519-859-9124.