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Workshop and Course Registration 2020-21


Aromatic Sciences Program (Aromatherapist Certification 570 hours)

A broad-based education in the areas of anatomy, physiology, pathology, essential oil characteristics and properties, organic chemistry, clinical care; lymphatic drainage massage… more

Aromatherapy in Geriatric and Palliative Care

This workshop is designed to appeal to those who work in nursing and retirement facilities; geriatric nursing; and those family and friends that care for seniors in their homes… more

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy

Designed to appeal to expectant moms; those preparing for pregnancy; doulas; midwives; nurses and physicians interested in natural care and preparation… more

Aromatherapy for Reflexologists

Exploration of the oils used to treat these diseases and cross-reference to each system (Contraindications included)… more

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the immune system, lymphatic drainage sequences for face and body… more

Geothermal Stone Therapy

A form of muscle manipulation that uses special focused methods including massage and temperature… more

Aromatherapy Massage

Basic anatomy, physiology and pathology of the Body Systems; traditional massage strokes… more

Stress Buster Massage

Addresses issues relating to neck, shoulder and scapula; muscle softening techniques; customizing a stress relief protocol… more


Learn the theory about skin types, conditions and diseases of the skin… more

Special Interest Workshops

Aromatherapy A-Z

For people who would like to learn more about essential oils and how to successfully and safely incorporate them into their lives… more

First Aid With Aromatherapy

This workshop is not meant to take the place of medical care, but to enhance the pre- treatment measures taken prior to receiving medical care… more

Energy Therapies

Meditation and Chakra Balancing Techniques

Learning to quiet the mind, proper breath work, types of meditation, essential oils in meditation… more

Creating Light From Shadows

Through exploration of Carl Jung’s theory of the Shadow self, as seen from the perspective of energy healing… more

Tibetan Vita Flex

Special focused acupressure techniques used to stimulate the nerves of the spine, hands, feet and ears, promoting good health and balance in body, mind and spirit… more

Reiki For Animals

For those with their First Degree of Reiki, who wish to offer comfort and healing to their beloved animals… more

Reiki For Kids First Degree

The period of time from childhood through to adolescence brings many challenges to children that affect self-confidence, including bullying … more

Reiki First Degree

Reiki is an ancient hands-on practice that facilitates healing of the physical, spiritual, emotional and etheric body… more

Reiki Second Degree

Known as the Practitioner level, an attunement to three of the sacred Usui symbols used to facilitate a faster and more powerful flow of loving, healing energy… more

Reiki Third Degree (Master)

Understanding the symbols meaning and use, as well as receiving the knowledge needed for offering healing and… more

Reiki Master Teacher One

You will be attuned to the Master and Teacher One level and be able to teach and attune students… more

Reiki Master Teacher Two

For those who have taught the first three degrees of Reiki and who wish to teach the “Teacher”… more

Reiki Master Fourth Degree

Focus is on releasing the past and being attuned to a greater spiritual sense of self, as well as… more

Reiki Master Fifth Degree

Focus is on divine consciousness and physical healing. Specifically involves… more

Reiki Master Sixth Degree

The focus is on healing the earth and connecting with the earth. Specifically… more

Reiki Master Seventh Degree

The focus is on wholeness and the Divine order; integration of all Chakras; and… more

Product Making

The Bath

Soaks, bath bombs, scrubs and… more

Foot Care for Men and Women

Foot deodorant, powders, athlete’s foot balm and… more

Body Basics

Body bars and creams, serums and… more

Face Products for Women

Cleansing creams, masks, toners and… more


Personal scents in multiple formats and eau de toilette for both… more

First Aid

Salves, ointments, sunblocks and… more

Face and Body Care for Men

Shaving cream, soaks, scrubs and… more

Unisex Dental

Natural toothpaste, gargles, rinses and… more

Hand and Nail Care

Massage oil, treatment packs, hand cream and… more


Deodorize and disinfect, clean, polish and… more

Create Your Own Custom Workshop

Choose either 3 products for a half day or 6 products for a full day, mixing and matching… more