Reiki for Kids First Degree

This half-day interactive workshop is geared towards children age 6 to 13. The period of time from childhood through to adolescence brings many challenges to children that affect self-confidence, including bullying.

A gentle and loving modality that is particularly of benefit to children, Reiki gives your child a tool that will help them to direct healing to themselves on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level.

The day will begin with a meditation which will concentrate on clearing the mind and prepare the child to understand and feel the energy around them. Storytelling, crafting, laughter and music, are many ways in which your child will learn Reiki during the day.

Joy in spirit and confidence in themselves are the specific goals of this day. Each child will be taught how to use Reiki, to enrich their own life as well as others. A special certificate will be presented to each child at the end of the workshop, in celebration of their experience.

Cost per person: 157.00 + HST 

Visa and MasterCard accepted. To send an e-transfer for payment, please contact our office at 519-859-9124.