Reiki First Degree

Reiki is an ancient hands-on practice that facilitates healing of the physical, spiritual, emotional and etheric body. A gentle and loving modality, Reiki is of benefit to everyone. Whether taking this beautiful therapy as a step in your own spiritual growth or as a desire to help others, this is a modality which will bring peace, focus and balance to your life.

This one-day workshop will encompass the following: Each session will begin with a meditation that will concentrate on clearing the mind and preparing for the student for facilitation of energy. History of Reiki; personal attunement (being or bringing into harmony a feeling of being “at one” with another being); and treatment experiences,         will be the focus of the morning session. Discussion and practical work will be the focus of the afternoon session.

Cost: $297.00 + HST per person 

Visa and MasterCard accepted. To send an e-transfer for payment, please contact our office at 519-859-9124.