Consulting Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an excellent method for developing self-confidence, learning effective language skills, managing stress and overcoming many of the challenges and fears we face in life.

Working with the conscious and subconscious mind, hypnosis can assist with breaking the patterns of learned behaviours that do not serve us in positive ways and has been proven effective time and again when used in but not limited to, the following applications:


• Weight Management • Smoking Cessation • Fears & Phobias • Exam Anxiety
• Body Image • Addiction • Anger Management • Time Management
• Increased Self Esteem • Grief • Frustration • Attracting Abundance
• Stuttering • Insomnia • Confidence Building • Cancer Support


A state of physical relaxation, hypnosis is accompanied and induced by highly focused mental concentration or abstraction.

In today’s stressful world, we sometimes run through life at such an intense and frantic pace that we lose the ability to relax and allow our body to repair and restore itself to good health.

Stress manifests in behavioural aspects such as emotional eating; smoking and or drinking excessively; recreational or pharmaceutical drug abuse; unusual impulsive behaviour; inability to relax; and sleep disturbances. Some of the physical effects of stress are back pain; stiff neck; a headache or migraine; nausea and unexplained body pains.

Constant stress may wear one down emotionally in the long term and result in constant tiredness; mental exhaustion; self-doubt; and apathy.

Creating a positive mindset can assist in drawing abundance into your life. If you are ready to make new and lasting changes in your life, Hypnosis is for you.


Hypnosis Fee Schedule Initial Consultation 60 minutes $   97.00
Intake (First Session and Treatment Plan) 60-90 minutes $ 147.00
Sessions: Hourly Rate
30 min Follow-up
$   97.00
$   57.00
Weight Loss Program * 4 Sessions $ 697.00
Smoking Cessation Program** 4 Sessions $ 697.00
Fears and Phobias (Depending on the individual) $   97.00 – 497.00



*   Weight Loss programs include a specialized food plan to support the treatments.

** Smoking Cessation programs includes products that assist with the detoxification of the lungs and help reduce the anxiety that often appears when undergoing smoking cessation. 

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