Create your own workshop - Product makingCreating Natural Botanical Products – Create Your own Workshop

These fun, interactive workshops are designed to teach you how to make face and body products. All products are made with natural ingredients and essential oils. You will take home one of each item made, as well as a manual of recipes and suggestions.

Please choose a total of 4 products from the lists below, that you would like to make during a full day workshop or choose all 4 from one category. 

Each workshop listed is also available on it’s own.

Full Day Workshop Cost (4 Items) : $247.00 + HST per person

The Bath:

Olive Oil Shave Cream
Bath Bombs
Cleopatra Bath Experience
Exotic Refinishing Sugar Body Polish
Salt Glow
Sushi-Rice Body Scrub
Body Masks
Body Moisture Treatment Packs
Soft and Sensuous Body Powder

Foot Care for Men and Women:

Refresh Me Deodorizing Foot Powder
Foot Soaks
Foot Scrubs
Feet Moisture Treatment Packs
Athlete’s Foot Balm
Cold and Sweaty Feet Balm

Body Basics:

Rich and Creamy Fluff it Up Body Bar – Customized
Body Butter Basics
Mango Butter Total Body Cream
Coconut Butter Body Moisturizer
Sinful Pleasures Body Butter
Coconut Rose Body Whip
Soothing Shea Butter Lotion – with essential oil blends to customize
Serums – By Skin type
Rich Body Lotion
Rich Skin Cream P.1

Face Products for Women:

Fragrant Whip Cleansing Cream
Face and Body masks – By skin type
Facial Toners
Lavender and Rose Face and Body Toner
Face Moisture Treatment Packs
Gentle Kiss Face and Eye Cream
Lavender Rehydration Lotion
Almond and Avocado Moisturizing Cream
Sunflower Moisturizing Cream
Moisturizing Vitamin E Cream
Lip Balms – Customized
Lip Gloss


Perfume Oil; Solid Perfume; Eau de Cologne for Women;
Eau de Cologne and aftershave for Men

Face and Body Care for Men:

Olive Oil Shave Cream
Foot Soaks
Foot Scrubs
Feet Moisture Treatment Packs
Refresh Me Deodorizing Foot Powder
Athlete’s Foot Balm
Cold and Sweaty Feet Balm
Stay Awake Driving Mist

Unisex Dental:

Healing and Cleansing Mouthwash and Gargle
Fennel Fresh Mouthwash
Natural Toothpaste; and Gum Serum

Hand and Nail Care:

Nail Massage Oil
Hands Moisture Treatment Packs
Rich Hand Cream
Rose Petals Hand Cream

House Keeping:

Christmas House Spray
Rosemary Deodorizer and Disinfectant
Lavender and Tea Tree Spray household Cleaner
Beeswax Wood Finish
Beeswax Wood Conditioner
Dish Soap
All Purpose Cleaner
Laundry Soap

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