Pediatric Hypnosis


There is a wonderful and deep sense of satisfaction from helping children, as our children are the future of tomorrow. As parents and as a community, we need to nurture and help them to reach their full potential. Through specialized hypnosis techniques tailored to your child’s needs, some of the issues addressed may be as follows:

• Bed wetting • Creating positive expectations • Overcoming test anxiety • Fears & Phobias
• Sleeping habits • Helping the child to enjoy life • Improving reading skills • Stopping the habit of lying
• Surviving a  divorce • Change – child or parent • Sports enhancement  • Compulsive  stealing
• Overcoming stuttering • Improving conduct • Pain control for children • Challenges in ADD, ADHD, & Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many of the same techniques used in pediatric hypnosis are often extremely helpful for adult clients dealing with a problem that is related to childhood memory.



Initial Consultation 60 minutes $  97.00
Intake (First Session and Treatment Plan) 60-90 minutes $ 147.00
Hourly Rate
30 minute Followup
$   97.00
$   57.00
Self Hypnosis (age minimum) 4 Sessions $  497.00
Fears and Phobias (Depending on the individual) $    97.00 – 497.00









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