Body & Soul Treatments: 


• Lymphatic Drainage Massage – 75 minutes: Directed towards stimulating the lymphatic system to drain properly and release fluid and toxins stubbornly held by the body; this gentle and nurturing massage, is considered an excellent treatment choice for those with Lymphadema.

• LaStone Original Body Treatment – 75 minutes: Using the therapeutic attributes of both heated and chilled stones, this massage improves metabolic function and circulation as well as assisting with toning the body. It is by turns revitalizing or sedating where needed.

• Reflexology – 50 minutes: A focused pressure technique used on the feet to assist with balance and healing in all body systems. This therapy is excellent for stress reduction and those with neuropathic issues.

• Tibetan Vita Flex – 60 minutes: Special tools are used in a focused acupressure technique to stimulate the nerves of the spine, hands, feet and ears, promoting good health and balance in body, mind and spirit.

• Aromatic Perfusion – 90 minutes: A combination of light massage, acupressure and stretching, combined with a quenching application of essential oils. Hot packs increase the absorption of the oils which aids in the restoration of mobility and gives a boost to the immune system.

• Acupressure – 50 minutes: Various acupuncture points on the body are stimulated in a specific sequence, to restore balance and clear the stagnant energy which contributes to ill health. This is a non invasive therapy that does not puncture the skin.

• Ear Candling – 50 minutes: A process used to promote proper self cleaning of the ears and relief of the pressure that often accompanies ear, nose and throat conditions.

• Light Therapy – 50 minutes: LED therapy improves the cosmetic appearance of skin, and also promotes the healing of wounds, scars, acne and burns. This is an excellent treatment for anti-aging as well.

• Reiki – 90 minutes: A gentle treatment originating in Japan, used for relaxation and healing, involving a gentle and soothing touch, breath work and progressive relaxation techniques, to promote healing and restore the spirit.


• Pregnancy: From conception to post labor – 60+ minutes –  A guided plan for natural care, from creating a healthy conception to a joyful birth and recovery.

• Reproductive Issues – 60+ minutes –  From dysfunctional menses to difficulty conceiving and the challenges of each stage of our lives as women.

• Cancer Prevention and Management – 60+ minutes

• Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle – 60+ minutes – An in-depth review of your daily habits, from nourishing foods to minding your spirit in a healthy way.

• Hypnosis for Adults – (Please click on link under Services at top of page)

• Spiritual PhytoEssencing TM (Soul work with Essential Oils) – 3 sessions of two hours. Includes customized essential oil blend and homeopathic preparation.

• Dream Work – 45+ minutes –  Understand how your personal dream weaver reveals messages that are a reflection of the issues and people in your life and their effect on you.

• Holistic Counselling: – 60+ minutes For personal growth issues

• Life Coaching – 60+ minutes – Goal oriented solutions that lead you to more joy, success and fulfillment in your life.

Consultations are available by phone or internet as well. Please contact us directly at 519.859.9124, for current pricing or to make an appointment. Thank you.


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